These popular places where tourists flock to first

pilt pilt Elizabeth Tower, with a bell called Big Ben. You can see a video of the construction of the tower HERE.Youtube  . A very good computer animation. pilt pilt The London Eye. Ferris wheel. Overrated in my opinion. You stand in the ticket queue for an hour (you can buy through Internet, of course), then wait for half an hour. Much better alternatives are The Shard and IFS Cloud Cable Cars. pilt pilt Tower pilt pilt Tower Bridge pilt pilt Piccadilly Circus, statue of Eros (which doesn't actually represent Eros) pilt pilt Baker Street 221B pilt pilt Westminster Palace pilt pilt St. Paul's Cathedral pilt pilt Horse Parade pilt pilt British Museum pilt pilt Entrance to the zoo pilt pilt Kensington Palace pilt pilt London Museum