Noted celebrity residences

London has been home to many famous people over the years. Their places of residence are marked with blue (mostly) round (also mostly) signs on the houses where they lived or stayed. This tradition is quite old, it was started by the Royal Society of Arts back in 1876. This tradition has continued to this day and there are now just under a thousand of these plaques. You will definitely notice theses while walking in London. But if you are particularly interested in the residence of a celebrity, I have collected here a selection of those persons that the average person might also know. Not all are residences, some are places where celebrities worked or stopped when passing through. As there are many streets with the same name in London, I also added the postcode at the end of each address.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writer (Sherlock Holmes) 12 Tennison Road SE25

Emile Zola French writer Queen's Hotel, 122 Church Road SE19

Charles Gounod composer 15 Morden Road SE3

Daniel Defoe writer, (Robinson Crusoe) 95 Stoke Newington Church Street N16

Joseph Priestley scientist 7–8 Ram Place E9

Mahatma Gandhi social figure 20 Baron's Court Road W14 / Kingsley Hall, Powis Road E3

Freddie Mercury musician 22 Gladstone Avenue TW14

Joseph Grimaldi world-famous clown 56 Exmouth Market EC1R

Charlie Chaplin film actor 15 Glenshaw Mansions, Brixton Road SW9

Graham Greene writer 14 Clapham Common Northside SW4

Edvard Grieg composer 7 Clapham Common Northside SW4

Vincent Van Gogh artist 87 Hackford Road SW9

Arthur Schopenhauer philosopher Eagle House, High Street SW19

Henry Fielding writer Milbourne House, Barnes SW13

Virginia Woolf writer Hogarth House, 34 Paradise Road TW9 / 29 Fitzroy Square W1T

Sir Christopher Wren architect The Old Court House, Hampton Court Green KT8

John Logie Baird broadcasting pioneer 3 Crescent Wood Road SE26

James Cook explorer 88 Mile End Road E1

James Parkinson doctor, described parkinsonism first 1 Hoxton Square N1 6NU

George Eliot writer Holly Lodge, 31 Wimbledon Park Road SW18

Henry Cavendish scientist 11 Bedford Square WC1B

Charles Darwin nature scientist Biological Sciences Building, University College London, Gower Street WC1E

Charles Dickens writer 48 Doughty Street (now Charles Dickens Museum) WC1N

Friedrich Engels economical scientist 122 Regent's Park Road NW1

Sigmund Freud psychiatrist 20 Maresfield Gardens (Freud Museum) NW3

John Galsworthy writer Grove Lodge, Admiral's Walk NW3

George Orwell writer 50 Lawford Road Town NW5 / 77 Parliament Hill NW3

Paul Robeson singer The Chestnuts, Branch Hill NW3

Bertrand Russell philosopher 34 Russell Chambers, Bury Place WC1A

Sir George Bernard Shaw writer 29 Fitzroy Square W1T

Sir Hans Sloane physician, founder of the British Museum 4 Bloomsbury Place WC1A

Rabindranath Tagore poet 3 Villas on the Heath, Vale of Health NW3

Dylan Thomas poet 54 Delancey Street NW1

Béla Bartók hungarian composer 7 Sydney Place SW7

Samuel Beckett playwriter 48 Paultons Square SW5

Benjamin Britten  composer 173 Cromwell Road SW5

Dame Agatha Christie writer 58 Sheffield Terrace W8

Sir Winston Churchill prime minister 28 Hyde Park Gate SW7 / 33 Eccleston Square SW1V

Sir Alexander Fleming discoverer of penicillin 20a Danvers Street SW3

Sir Alfred Hitchcock film director 153 Cromwell Road SW5

Jerome K. Jerome writer 91–104 Chelsea Gardens, Chelsea Bridge Road SW1W

A. A. Milne writer (Winnie Pooh) 13 Mallord Street SW3

Jawaharlal Nehru first Indian PM 60 Elgin Crescent W11

Rudolf Nureyev ballet dancer 27 Victoria Road W8

Sir William Ramsay chemist, discoverer of inert gasees 12 Arundel Gardens W11

Robert Falcon Scott organized expeditions to Antarctica 56 Oakley Street SW3

Jean Sibelius composer 15 Gloucester Walk W8

Bram Stoker writer (Dracula) 18 St Leonard's Terrace SW3

Samuel L. Clemens "Mark Twain" writer 23 Tedworth Square SW3

Oscar Wilde writer 34 Tite Street SW3

Hector Berlioz composer 58 Queen Anne Street W1M

Frederic Chopin composer 4 St James's Place SW1A

Charles De Gaulle president of France 4 Carlton Gardens SW1Y

Michael Faraday physicist 48 Blandford Street W1U

Ian Fleming "father" of James Bond 22 Ebury Street SW1W

Benjamin Franklin US politician, writer, inventor 36 Craven Street WC2N

George Frideric Händel composer 25 Brook Street W1K

Heinrich Heine poet 32 Craven Street WC2N

Jimi Hendrix guitarist 23 Brook Street W1K

Alexander Herzen "political thinker" 1 Orsett Terrace W2

Ada, Countess of Lovelace the first programmer 12 St James's Square SW1Y

Rudyard Kipling writer 43 Villiers Street WC2N

John Lennon musician 34 Montagu Square W1H

Guillermo Marconi inventor of radio 71 Hereford Road W2

Karl Marx economical scientist 28 Dean Street W1D

William Somerset Maugham writer 6 Chesterfield Street W1J

Felix Mendelssohn composer 4 Hobart Place SW1W

Samuel Morse inventor of morse code 141 Cleveland Street W1T

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composer 180 Ebury Street SW1W

Napoleon III emperor 1c King Street SW1Y

Horatio Nelson chief admiral 147 New Bond Street W1S

Sir Isaac Newton physicist and mathematician 87 Jermyn Street SW1Y

Mary Shelley author of Frankenstein 24 Chester Square SW1W

Lord Kelvin physicist 15 Eaton Place SW1X

Alan Turing computer genius 2 Warrington Crescent W9

Marie Tussauds wax artist 24 Wellington Road NW8

Martin van Buren eighth President of USA 7 Stratford Place W1C

H. G. Wells science fiction 13 Hanover Terrace NW1

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