Book lover's walk


We start our walk at King's Cross St Pancras tube station. The Underground station bears the name of two adjacent railway stations at the same time. The first acquaintance with the literary character can be started from the newer part of the King's Cross railway station (on the left when looking at the facade), where the Harry Potter fan shop is located. Then we can go for a walk.

Word on the Water A very quaint bookshop located on a hundred-year-old barge floating on the Regent Canal. This shop has remarkably cheap prices. Don't panic if you can't find it in the place shown on the map, the ship is still floating, you can find the store in a slightly different place.

British Library British National Library. Contains 180 miles (ca 290 kilometres) of shelves and houses over 12 million books. But there is also a lot to see and you can also buy books.

Wellcome Library The place name is not a misspelling of the word 'welcome'. :-) It's the founder's last name instead. In fact, it is a museum, and the library is only a part of it.

Gay's the Word Founded in 1979, the only dedicated LGBT bookshop in Great Britain. Come in if you dare. :-)

Persephone Books Sells reprints of books by women writers of the mid-20th century.

London Review Not just a book store. The sign already reads: Tea * Cakes * Books (but that doesn't mean there aren't enough books)

Bookmarks Oh surprise, London's largest bookshop for communist literature. If you don't want to buy something, you could still go and see.

Forbidden Planet Arguably the world's largest comic, sci-fi and cult book store.

Foyles Founded in 1903. It was once the largest book store in the world, both in terms of total length of shelves and number of titles sold. It doesn't have the first place any more, but it's still awesome.

Any Amount of Books All kinds of books from cheap to super costly. Huge selection.

Goldsboro Books First editions of contemporary literature.

Watkins Books Another book store right next to the previous one.

Marchpane Across the street from the previous two. Children's picture books and books as gifts.

The nearest tube station to finish is Covent Garden. But first, you should stop by the market of the same name, because there are many books available there as well.